We Treat Our Clients Like Family

Donald Brown personally meets with every client face to face.

  • "I would recommend Mr. Brown to anyone because he takes you into consideration first!  When you enter the office you’re greeted with a smile.  Mr. Brown doesn’t take away from your pocket, he puts money in your pocket."

    - Priscilla Richardson
  • "I was injured while working on a pipeline near Lake Charles, Louisiana, when the vehicle I was a passenger in, was involved in an automobile accident.  Although being paid the maximum under the law, it was way less than I was making.  Then the insurance company cut my comp off.  Donald Brown was my attorney.  He went to work for me and even helped me out with my bills.  I was pleased with his work.  Years later, I became disabled and applied for Social Security benefits.  Mr. Brown was my lawyer and won my case.  I even recommended my brother Jimmy to Mr. Brown when he got hurt on the job.  Not only did he handle my brother's comp case but when he applied for Social Security disability, Mr. Brown handled his case and won."

    - Johnny Hartzfelds
  • Don has represented me and my family since the mid 90's.  He has represented me on workers' comp cases, car wrecks, as well as Social Security disabiltiy.  He handled car wreck cases for my brother Leonard, my wife, most of my relatives as well as a comp case for my mother.  I highly recommend Don.  If your last name is Goff, he probably has represented you. 

    - Leo Goff, Jr.
  • "Back in 2004, I was seriously injured on the job.  Mr, Brown was my attorney.  He hung in there with me and I was pleaseed with the results.  Mr. Brown is the one to talk to and he will hang in there with you.  He's a good lawyer and if anything comes up we will call Mr. Brown.  He's easy to talk to and will go the extra mile for you and has alwasys been really good to me and my family."

    - Joe Johnson
  • Don has been my family's attorney for many years.  We know we can count on him to do a great job and be fair at the same time.  In 2006, Don fought and won over $250,000 for me when a car came over a hill and shoved my vehicle under another vehicle.  Had Don not fought for me, I would not have been able to have corrective surgery to repair 95% use of my right arm.  I highly recommend Don.  He recently handled a car wreck case for me and my son James.  When a tire and rim came off a car going in the opposite direction and struck my cehicle.  Although the injuries were not serious, Don collected policy limits in the sum of $50,000. 

    He has handled cases for other members of my family.  Anytime there's an accident, we all know to call Don and not worry since he will take care of it.  He may start off as Mr. Brown but very soon it's Don. 

    - Donna Wiley
  • Mr. Donald Brown helped me to get the medical treatment that I needed when I was in a wreck in February 2015.  He also made sure that I was paid for all the aches and pains that were caused from the wreck that I was in when someone hit my Mom's vehicle.  I know that Mr. Brown is not only great at what he does, but he truly cares about each of his clients.  He treats you like a human being and not just a dollar sign.  When my back was hurting from the wreck, he made another appointment and would not settle the case until he know that I was going to be ok.  He talks to you and lets you know what is going on as each step is being processed and that shows me that he is very trustworthy and caring.  

    If you get into a vehicle accident, I highly recommend tha tyou call Mr. Brown.  His office is very convenient to get to and that makes it easy to get things started.

    - James Wiley
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