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Are you in the dark about a decision to hire a lawyer to handle your car wreck or motorcycle accident, your workers' compensation case, your pending social security disability or SSI claim?   It is an important decision, one that could affect your life, your future, your well being for years to come.  

I have the answer.  With over 40 years of experience handling thousands of auto accidents, workers' compensation claims, as well as hundreds of social security disability and SSI claims, I know what to do successfully navigate the intricacies of the law to help you win your case. 

Whether your case is big or small, you will receive the time and resources necessary to handle your case. 

My office has an extrememly high retention rate, and my clients come back for additional services, pleased with my prior performance on their cases. 

Additionally, many of my clients refer cases to my office for handling the cases for their friends, relatives, neighbors, or co-workers.

At my office you are treated like family, a family who cares for you.  

When you come to my office for an initial consultation, you will personally meet not only with my staff but with myself.  I will spend the time to get the necessary facts to successfully handle your case as well as explain the applicable law to you. 

When you leave my office after the initial consultation you will feel comfortable that my office can successfully handle your case as well as knowlegeable about the applicable law.  In addition, I will keep you up to date of the status of your case. 

There is no charge for an initial consultation and no fees are charged unless I collect monies on your behalf.  

Are you in the dark?  Let my office shine the light and take charge of your case. 

“I personally meet with all new clients and give them the time that they deserve, to obtain the facts, explain the applicable law as well as to plan a recovery.”   - Donald R. Brown

Why Choose us?

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    You talk to me in person and there is no fee for an initial consultation
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    You will understand the law as it pertains to your case in layman's terms
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    When you leave you feel comfortable with me taking your case

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