Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability

Have you been turned down for Social Security disability or SSI?  You only have 60 days plus 5 days for mailing purposes from the date of receipt of your turndown/denial letter to request a reconsideration or request a hearing on your case before an administrative law judge.  You need a lawyer on your side to prepare your case for hearing and to attend your hearing with you and any witnesses.

My office can get online to process your request for a hearing.  At your hearing, a vocational expert will attend, appointed by the Social Security judge, to both testify as to your prior work history over the last 15 years as far as the physical requirements are concerned and to evaluate them as to the skill level involved, whether classified as unskilled, semi-skilled, or skilled as well as to answer hypothetical questions posed by the judge as to the availability of jobs in the national economy given your current limitations and impairments.  You need an experienced lawyer to cross-examine the vocational expert as well as to present your case in the most favorable light given your current limitations and impairments.

Sometimes a medical consultant is also present to testify in your case.  You need a seasoned lawyer to cross-examine the medical expert and who is familiar with medical terms and conditions.

Many times, the issue is not whether you can return to your former employment, but rather are you capable of accommodation to other types of employment, even though the pay not be commensurate with your past earnings.

No fee is charged unless I win your case.  Why not hire me to handle your case? No fee is charged for an initial consultation.  If you’re in the dark, shine the light. Give me a call.

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