Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Have you been injured on the job?  Make sure your employer completed a First Report of Injury.  Did your employer send you to a doctor of their choosing? If you continue to treat with a doctor of their choosing, then, by default, they will become your primary treating physician.  

You have the right to choose your own doctor, provided he accepts workers’ compensation cases.  It is important that you choose a doctor with extensive experience with workers compensation cases, based on your injuries.  My office can assist you.

Have you been turned down for the surgery or other diagnostic testing which your doctor has recommended?  My office can help.  Even if your doctor accepts workers’ compensation, many times your doctor will not file for an appeal to the medical director of the Office of Workers’ Compensation (Form 1009) if the insurance company turns down your doctor's recommendation, which must be submitted within 15 days of the insurance company denial.  Hire my office and I can take care of this on your behalf.

This area of law is complex and needs to be negotiated by an experienced attorney.  There are forms to be executed and deadlines to be met. The employer and his workers compensation insurance company have attorneys working for them.  You need an attorney working for you. Why not hire me to handle your case? The initial consultation is free and the case is handled on a contingency basis.  If you are already receiving your workers’ compensation benefits, no fee is charged whatsoever until a settlement is made.

Are you in the dark?  Shine the light. Give me a call.

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